Roller Shutter Doors

All our components are UK compliant

We specialise in the manufacture and installation of Roller Shutters plus a wide range of commercial & industrial products to suit your needs. Our shutters are effectively maintenance-free, our security shutters are designed to be an aesthetically pleasing solution to securing your property

Our Roller Shutters are handmade in the UK, made to measure to suit your needs. They can be powder coated any colour. All Roller Shutters come with 1 year Warranty which can be extended.

folding roller shutter

Folding Roller Shutters

Our Folding Shutter range is specifically designed for covering windows, corner windows, bay windows, sliding doors, front doors including alcove type entrances, skylights and become a space saving necessity for those European type laundry set ups.

folding roller shutter

Fire Doors

Our fire doors are manufactured to offer custom designs to suit a wide range of applications. We have significant experience of working with accredited fire assessment laboratories to provide special to contract certification for large sized doors that dimensionally cannot be furnace tested.


Continental Roller Shutters

Continental Shutters suitable for both domestic or commercial applications. Built on or built in, these continental shutters offer great security protection combined with a stylish finish.


Sectional Overhead Doors

Our automatic sectional doors open vertically or horizontally, meaning that you have more space both inside and in front of the garage. Sectional doors fit anywhere, no matter whether your garage opening is rectangular or chamfered, or whether it has a segmental or Norman arch. The other great benefit is that sectional doors are made in standard sizes, meaning it is easy to modernise if you feel the need.


Insulated Roller Shutters

Our Insulated Roller Shutter doors offer a high level of insulation as well as the added benefits of draught preventions and sound reduction. There are many situations including loading bays, factories, warehouses and residential properties, where minimising heat loss is important and can also save money. As well as providing efficient insulation, our Insulated Roller Shutters deliver high levels of security, protecting your workforce, stock and equipment. Our Insulated Roller Shutters also keep out rodents and pest.


Lattice Doors

When it comes to protecting areas away from normal shopper access, nothing is more dissuasive than permanently mounted lattice bars. Manufactured from heavy gauge cutter-resistant steel, they provide the ultimate deterrent to illegal entry. Ideal for stockroom, storerooms and vulnerable entry points on the sides and rear of retail premises, we can make them to fit any opening, and finish them in any way, from plain galvanised to special powder-coat or painted colours.


Smoke & Fire Curtains

Fire curtains deploy when triggered by a fire alarm or sensor. Designed for use in buildings where there is a larger footfall or where it will take longer to evacuate the building.


Security Grilles

Our security grilles give you peace and mind, wether it be in the safety of your own home, a commercial business or industrial type building our products offer reliable and durable protection to any building in need of raising their security.


Bollards & Posts

Through our list of suppliers, we offer a wide range of Bollards and Posts. Wether it be to restrict access, mark boundaries or simply ornamental, we will work alongside you to decide what fits your requirements best.

Fire Shutters

Fire Resistant shutters are one of the most effective methods of resisting the intense heat applied to one side of a large area door to the other, without excessive distorting and without affecting the fire integrity of the door. Fire Shutters are an electrically operated vertical shutter, consisting of a steel curtain and galvanised steel box assembly and guide rails. The box, curtain, guide-rails and bottom rail can be powder coated as an optional extra.

Designed to be a security barrier during normal use and to be closed automatically during a test or emergency situation. In the event of receiving a fire alarm signal, the barrier will perform a powered descent to create a fire resistant barrier.

60 to 240 Minutes Performance

Cost Effective

Saves Lives

Fast Installation

Warranty Provided

Fire Regulated

Security Increased

Theft Reduction


Roller Shutters For All Business Needs

We provide and install fire shutters to security shutters.

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