Waking Watch Relief Fund

Waking Watch Relief Fund

In December 2020 the Government announced a £30 million fund to help end the excessive ’waking  watch’  costs, as part of a further move to support thousands of residents in high-rise buildings following the Grenfell Tower fire of 2017 which lead to 72 deaths.

A waking watch service which provides at least one and sometimes more fire wardens onsite 24/7 can cost leaseholders between  £115 and almost £500 per dwelling per month.  The new Relief Fund will pay for the installation of fire alarm systems in high-rise buildings with cladding, removing or reducing the need for costly temporary safety measures such as ‘waking watch’ whilst waiting for  the replacement of unsafe cladding.

ABN have been actively quoting for fire systems funded by this new grant, to find out how to apply go to the government website and even if you are not eligible, installation of a fire detection system can pay for itself within 6 months compared to patrolled monitoring.

For a no-obligation free quote please get in touch on info@abnintegrated.co.uk.

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