Why Secure Your Premises

Why Secure Your Premises

Intruder alarms are usually the first port of call for business and homeowners wanting to protect their family and property and are an excellent deterrent to burglars which can have remote monitoring and police alerts activated.  The addition of CCTV cameras provides a further level of protection which can be recorded and viewed remotely and provide evidence should there be criminal activity. 

Add a Density Fog Generator and the protection level escalates to the most powerful anti-intrusion solution.  It has been designed and developed to deliver faster, denser fog like no other machine on the market and can be customised to all situations and needs.  With the addition of the ActiveCloud connectivity to monitor and arm/disarm the systems remotely, these generators are the top of the market. 

We have had a demonstration here in the ABN offices and were really impressed with the speed and density of the fog generated.  The new heating unit uses thermal exchange in an innovative way that boosts efficiency, reduces the heating power required and gives a greater level of dense fog.

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